Thursday, April 30, 2009

Possible final project animation

If you look back at some of my previous images, you'll see a graininess when a dielectric is in the scene. It turns out that I was discarding intersections incorrectly and those grainy spots are where the default color (black) is showing through. Now that is fixed, my images are much higher quality. I've put together the following animation as a potential final project.

I like this animation because it shows nested spheres with different dielectrics, uses Perlin noise as a texture for the plane and for bump mapping, and uses Perlin noise to vary the specular power across the outer sphere.

Things I don't like are the aliasing in the distance and the sky. Some warmth needs to be added, but I like the mysteriousness of the dark image. Somehow I'll have to balance those two things. I'd like some sort of "sky" that adds the warmth.

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